Guided Tours and kids camps

Gear Up For an Unforgettable SUP Experience in Canmore and Banff

There is a plethora of sights to explore in Canmore and Banff. Discover Alberta in a distinct way with our guided tours at Bow Valley SUP and Surf. Our skilled Paddle Canada Guides will ensure your safety as you witness the Canadian Rockies from a fresh perspective.

Get Your STROKE On!

Come join us at Johnson Lake for a stroke improvement clinic with focus on the catch, loading and unloading the blade and proper body position to produce power and efficiency. Please note this clinic is geared towards anyone who has previous experience paddling and wishes to improve their forward stroke. There will be drills on land as well as on water.

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Summer kids SUP camps

Canmore 5 and 6 year olds: July 24/25. Banff 5 and 6 year olds: July 31 and Aug 1. All camps are two days from 1-4pm. Camps could open to other ages groups. Dates TBD.

It's never too soon to introduce your children to water activities. Being parents, we understand the array of summer options available for kids. Introducing children to water early on can boost their confidence and foster a lasting passion for water-related activities. Safety and enjoyment are top priorities. Although kids may initially feel hesitant or nervous, they are usually thrilled to be on the water! Join us for our two-day, 3 hour, kids' summer camps at Rundle Forebay in Canmore or Johnson Lake in Banff.

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Banff National Park SUP Tour  

Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 11:00am, Johnson Lake, Banff National Park. No Tuesday tours until end of June. *For groups bigger than 6 people, please contact us at*

Johnson Lake in Banff National Park stands out as a top global destination. With its turquoise waters, majestic mountains, and abundant wildlife, it offers a breathtaking experience. Embark on a scenic one-hour SUP tour of the lake with us. If you prefer a more relaxed paddling adventure compared to our Intro to SUP lesson, this tour is perfect for you. Our Paddle Canada guides will greet you, address any safety concerns, and lead the tour. Explore the lake, capture stunning photos, and uncover the area's rich history. All equipment is provided for your convenience. Our aim is to see happy faces, witness stunning landscapes, and create unforgettable memories on one of the world's most beautiful lakes.

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Canmore SUP Tour  

Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays at 11:00am Rundle Forebay, Canmore. No Wednesday tours until end of June. **For groups bigger than 6, please contact us at**

Experience Canmore's Rundle Forebay with Mount Rundle and Ha Ling towering above, providing a breathtaking setting for paddling. The area boasts turquoise waters, majestic mountains, and diverse wildlife, offering a truly mesmerizing experience. Join us for a scenic one-hour SUP tour of the lake, a more leisurely option compared to our Intro to SUP lesson. Our knowledgeable Paddle Canada guides will ensure your safety and guide you through the tour. Discover the lake, capture beautiful photos, and learn about the area's rich history. All equipment is provided for your convenience. Our goal is to see smiles, admire stunning landscapes, and create lasting memories on one of the world's most stunning lakes.

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Pedal and Paddle Package

A full day in the mountains of peddling and paddling? Yes please! Enjoy a beautiful morning in the Rocky Mountains of Canmore while leisurely cruising on one of our new E-bikes from 9am to 12pm. After biking, take a little break and hit the water to cool off on one of our Stand Up Paddleboards from 12:30pm to 4:30pm. This package includes a morning half day E bike rental and an afternoon Stand Up Paddleboarding rental package.

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