TOP SUP and Kayak Spots in the Bow Valley:

March 20, 2024

The Bow Valley, including Canmore, Banff and Lake Louise, is home to some of the world's most beautiful rivers and lakes to SUP and Kayak.  Turquoise waters surrounded by mountain vistas make us one of the worlds top SUP destinations.  Whether you are an avid paddler or just starting out, there is a location to paddle for all. Feel free to text or call us at 403-707-7202 and we will be happy to provide you with info on the spots listed here and many more.

Rundle Forebay (AKA Canmore Reservoir) - Canmore

Setting: Lake, Ha-Ling Peak towers over the lake

Location: Across from the Canmore Nordic Centre. 6 minutes from our shop.

Difficulty: * –  beautiful water colour and easy access makes this the best place to SUP in Canmore

Put in: There is a very accessible place to launch your board directly across from the Nordic Centre. This put in allows for an ideal spot to park, launch and relax. This is our favorite place to SUP or Kayak in the entire Bow Valley. **Tip** paddle to the far end of the lake, down the channel, and you will be greeted by stunning views of Haling, East end of Rundle and Grassi Lakes waterfall.

Quarry Lake– Canmore

Setting: Lake, incredible 360 degree mountain views.

Location: 5 minutes from downtown Canmore on the way to the Canmore Nordic Centre. 5 minutes from our shop.

Difficulty: * – mellow atmosphere with lots of families and locals.

Put in: If you are looking for a great family location to paddle and hang out, this is the spot. The warmest water in Canmore, shallow area for kids swimming, and a sandy beach makes the Quarry a local and vistitor hot spot. Note that you need to pay for parking and the lot does fill up. There is a short walk from the parking lot to lake. Free kids PFDs available at the lake.

Two Jack Lake – Banff

Setting: Lake

Location: Road on the Minnewanka Loop. 20 minutes from our shop.

Difficulty: * – calm in the am. Wind picks up around noon and then calms back down after sunset.

Put in: There is a very accessible place to launch your board. There is a drive up put in where you can unload all equipment and launch your board into the shallow waters. Picnic tables on a peninsula make this an ideal spot to SUP and have a lunch date!

Goat Pond

Setting: Pond/Lake

Location: K-Country. 20 minutes from our shop.

Difficulty: **

Put in: Drive up the Kananaskis road from Canmore about 20 minutes and you reach Goat Pond on your right.  This is a shallow lake with easy access.  Check out the chopped off trees a couple of feet below the waters surface!

Lake Morraine/Lake Louise

Setting: Lake

Location: Lake Louise. One hour from our shop.

Difficulty: **

Put in: Parking lots for two of the worlds most beautiful lakes fills up quickly during the summer months.  Unless you leave Canmore at 2am in the peak of summer, you will likely not get into either of these lakes. They are extremely busy even during the week. To avoid crowds, try going later in the day when people leave for dinner. Both lakes are absolutely stunning that are two of our favourite spots on earth!

Johnson Lake – Banff

Setting: Pond/Lake

Location: Banff. 20 minutes from our shop.

Difficulty: * Warmer waters, great parking lot with easy access.

Put in: This is where locals come to swim, play in the sand and soak up the sun  Easy access to the lake with a put in right beside the parking lot.  Picturesque scenery and clear waters make this a go to spot in the Bow Valley.

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